Sound and Lighting

Music on the Move understands the importance of using only Professional audio and lighting equipment at our events. We invest heavily in our equipment because our clients rely heavily on our equipment. We are constantly performing routine maintenance on each piece to ensure a flawless performance, and we have designed our system such that there is no single point of failure in the event of an emergency.

We currently use a top-of-the-line Denon Dual CD Player, a Denon Mixer, Mackie powered speakers, Samson wireless microphone, and lighting by American DJ and Visual Effects.  This equipment has been engineered for professional mobile disc jockey use and provides the sound and reliability you should demand for your special occasion.

Equipment RackAs you can see, our sound equipment is contained in a rack which is covered in black carpet. Our truss, lighting effects, and CD cases are also black so our entire setup remains subtle until it is time for dancing and the lights begin to add some color.

We are conscious of our image and specifically request skirted tables so we can conceal our cables and packing materials. We also do not hang signs or banners of any kind.

Remember, Music on the Move works with you to design your function based on your individual preferences. We can use our entire setup or different aspects of it - you decide. We offer lighting as an option and there is never an additional charge for us to include it.

We encourage you to set up an appointment to meet with us personally to discuss how we can design a Sound and Lighting package that is appropriate for your specific function.





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