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After each function, we send out a Customer Evaluation form through which we ask for our clients' feedback. We find this information to be extremely valuable as we continue to develop our own brand of quality entertainment. The following are comments we have received from our many clients. We have disguised the names due to the public nature of the Internet and our commitment to the privacy of our clients, however, if you need to check a reference personally, please contact us and we will provide the client's contact information (with their permission, of course)......

    "The dance floor was packed, and that's a clear indication of your upbeat personality and music. You even pulled off the Aremenian portions [of the music]! After seeing the job you did, I can honestly say you are worth much more. Selecting a DJ is one of the top 2 most important choices that a bride and groom to be can make, and I was pretty nervous about it. We had our first meeting with Justin, and I knew right away that he would be perfect. And, he was! Thank you soooo much!"
    - Mr. and Mrs. S. Kiredjian

    "Everyone was saying it was the best playlist they had ever heard at a wedding - while they were dancing like crazy. You also did an amazing job of adjusting the music to the mood of the party as it went on. Justin and John both have the presence and style and voice necessary to be in charge of the party, but without drawing unnecessary attention to themselves or directing the spotlight from the couple. We are extremely satisfied with our experience. Music on the Move was a very important part of making our wedding stress-free for us and a lot of fun for us and our guests. Thank You!"

    - Mr. and Mrs. T. Bakland

    "I am super impressed by the organization and professionalism that was evident at the wedding. You really helped us visualize and organize the whole evening ahead of time so all that was left to do was to have fun! All of our wedding guests ages from 3 to 83 were up and dancing and had an excellent time! We heard compliments from everyone - thank you so much!!"

    - Mr. and Mrs. D. Putney

    "We are extremely pleased with Music on the Move. Justin is extremely organized and knowledgeable which allowed us to really enjoy the reception and know that it was going to go well. It was one less thing to worry about on our wedding day. We weren't the only ones who thought Justin and John did a fabulous job. Many of our guests commented on what a great DJ we had chosen. You know you have a great DJ when EVERYONE is up dancing!"

    - Mr. and Mrs. E. Unger

    "Over the top Professional. You did a wonderful job and everybody said they had a great time. All the other vendors were blown out of the water that you took the time to contact them with a timeline. Thank You!"

    - Mr. and Mrs. D. Mahady

    "Perfect! We asked you to do many announcements and things went very smoothly. My mother loved the sound level. Working with Justin was very easy. He is extremely organized and he spent a lot of time on my requests during our meetings. I never worried about the music during our planning. Justin and John read the crowd well and played a nice cross-section of music to allow all to enjoy the night. When they pulled out the limbo stick I almost died, but it was a huge hit. Overall, we are very satisfied with your services and would hire you again. Thanks!"

    - Mr. and Mrs. J. Murray

    "You both went above and beyond for us and were extremely easy to work with. Thank you so much for all you did!"

    - Mr. and Mrs. A Hussey

    "The music was exactly what we wanted and Justin read the crowd perfectly. Everyone danced all night! Our guests commented that this was the first wedding they were at that the level at dinner was perfect. Justin - thank you for everything! It was such a pleasure to work with you during the planning process!! We couldn't have been happier with our experience with Music on the Move. They were professional, organized....and just awesome!! I would recommend Music on the Move to all of my family and friends!"

    - Mr. and Mrs. P. Callander

    "Justin was extremely professional being fully prepared, accommodating, and creative. He was extremely adept at making us feel welcome and like a friend when we met. Our first meeting with him relieved any anxiety we may have had and immediately made our decision for us. We were scheduled to meet with various DJ's (as we were told to do) and after meeting with Justin we were prepared to sign a contract with him!"

    - Mr. and Mrs. D. Goulet

    "Working with Music on the Move was a GREAT experience! Justin was so organized and detail oriented that I knew he would be great at our wedding. We were not disappointed - he did a great job!"

    - Mr. and Mrs. G. Convery

    "Great product at a reasonable price. Announcements were done very well and the music selection was great! The schedule of events moves along at the right pace and our special accommodations were met perfectly."

    - Mr. and Mrs. R. Stering

    "We couldn't believe how many people were dancing. The song selection was perfect and it was amazing how smoothly everything went. Thank you for making our day so perfect! Even my 90 year old grandmother and her sister had on hats for the YMCA! The props used were great; they helped to make the night more fun."

    - Mr. and Mrs. A. Simonds

    "As a MC, Justin has a great personality and speaking voice, which added fun and class to our event, without being "over the top" in any way. Justin was extremely professional and organized and offered great suggestions and ideas for music and ways to get the guests moving. He tried very hard (and succeeded) to suit what was done to fit our style and personality. As a team, Justin and his assistant seem to work seamlessly together, to make everything run fluidly and seemingly effortlessly and the sound was perfect! Thanks again so much for all you did and for being so patient with me (and quietly persistant with me too!). You guys are great!!"

    - Mr. and Mrs. S. Fitzgerald

    "Don't Know what else to say except you guys were great!! We will definitely refer you to friends and family!! Great Job!!"

    - J. Blankenship and R. Stavinoha

    "We were very pleased with the service we received from Music on the Move for our wedding. No complaint whatsoever!!"

    - Mr. and Mrs. T. Payne

    "Thank you very much for all of your efforts on our Wedding Day. From the first song everyone was dancing and had such an amazing time right until the end! We were especially pleased with your attention to detail, professional performance, and flow of music with just the right amount of slow and fast songs to keep the party going. Also the outline of events helped us (and our other vendors) make sure the night went smooth. You were amazing and we truly appreciate all that you did to help us have an unforgettable wedding!"

    - Mr. and Mrs. B. Counihan

    "We wanted to thank you for your excellent DJ services at our wedding celebration on July 23, 2005, at the Tewksbury Country Club. The reception would not have run so smoothly if it had not been for you! Also, the music quality was excellent, and our dance floor stayed packed the entire night! I will definitely recommend your services for a friend planning a function. Thanks again!"

    - Mr. and Mrs. J. Mayotte

    "We had a great experience with Music on the Move. They played music that put everyone on the dance floor and did a great job Emceeing!"

    - Mr. and Mrs. A. Weick

    "The Service we received from Music on the Move was excellent! We would recommend you to anyone we know who needed a DJ."

    - Mr. and Mrs. D. Simard

    "I was especially pleased of your finding 'Brown Eyes' - my Grand-daughter's and my special song. I have been singing the chorus with her since she was 3. She was thrilled and excited to be called out on the dance floor to dance with 'Grampy'. Thank you a thousand times!"

    - Mr. and Mrs. G Kinghorn

    "Justin planned a wonderful evening for our event. He was terrific with the youths and really had a good sense of what would be successful."

    - Mrs. C. Nimar

    "We want to thank you for your hard work and professionalism. Many people have said you were awesome at the wedding. We had the most amazing night and you took a lot of the stress away by being so organized and well-planned. That means the most to me because it let me live in the moment that night. So, thank you sincerely. We will be calling on you again in the future."

    - Mr. and Mrs. K. Parnell

    "Justin, The day was wonderful. People are still raving about the reception and music. I never danced so much in my life! Thanks for everything! Justin was the perfect DJ for us and our wedding. We had no worries when it came to the music on the day of the wedding. The detailed schedule presented to us the weeks prior to the wedding was professional and included everything. We would definitely recommend Music on the Move to friends and family."

    - Mr. and Mrs. C. Stank

    "You guys did a great job! Everyone on the dance floor and we all had a good time. Many Thanks!"

    - Mr. and Mrs. W. Trevena

    "Music on the Move was wonderful! They were professional, courteous, and efficient. They had my whole wedding party and guests on the dance floor all night. I would recommend them to everyone!"

    - Mr. and Mrs. M. Foley

    "This is the best company outing ever.....and you guys are the reason!"

    - D. Estey, local manufacturing company

    "Justin Cheverie was probably one of my favorite vendors. He was SO well organized, which made me feel completely comfortable. He was the first DJ I spoke with and I wanted to hire him right then. But doing my due diligence, I did meet with other DJs and was so happy with Justin. The floor was packed and all the guests were so thrilled, even the really, really old relatives!! I wish everyone could hire him!! YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!! I promise!"

    - Mr. and Mrs. K. Prescott

    "Justin made every attempt to accommodate some unusual music requests and blended them well during the event. The games and activities were appropriate and fun and the announcements and schedule was also handled very well with professionalism."

    - D. Lennon

    "Music on the Move made it happen. The professionalism from the time Justin came to our home to sell his service, to the final show was better than we could have hoped for. His MC skills were commanding and refined. I'll be a reference anytime."

    - Mr. and Mrs. S. Bryan

    "Everything was excellent - Everyone danced all night and we got so many compliments on the music selection! You are a phenomenal MC! Your professionalism went above and beyond our expectations. You did a great job. We appreciated your prompt responses to our questions and concerns."

    - Mr. and Mrs. D. Almas

    "Dealing with the added hassle of live music and toasts outside, Justin and Craig were nothing but completely professional and accommodating. Everything went off without a hitch. We couldn't have asked for any better or cleaner sound. The system also looked great - which was important in the elegant setting of our reception location. Both of you looked sharp, and dealt with us and all of our guests with the highest level of professionalism. The extra preparation time that Justin put in before our reception truly paid off. His help was invaluable with the fact that [the Bride] was in NY, [the Groom] was in PA, and the wedding was in Massachusetts. Our reception was perfect, which topped off a perfect day. Everything ran smoothly and on schedule, and helped our marriage start off on the right foot."

    - Mr. and Mrs. R. Crowe

    "Justin and John dealt really well with the conditions they found upon arrival. It rained cats and dogs, we were in a tent, and we lost power at one point but they stayed cool and in control. I loved that Justin is the most organized person in the world. Totally reliable!"

    - Mr. and Mrs. P. Wilkins

    "Very Professional and clean cut. Great dinner music!!"

    - Mr. and Mrs. J. Ferwerda

    "From our initial meetings to the day of our wedding, Justin was great to work with. He was professional and helped us to envision the event and plan appropriately for music, timing of dances, etc. The day of the wedding everything went smoothly and we had a great time! Your set up is clean and neat and more professional than a lot of other DJ's we have seen at other weddings. Our event was set up a little different than most weddings and Justin was creative in helping us to design the "dancing" portion of the wedding to meet our needs. People had so much fun and have talked about what great music they had to dance to and just seeing everyone dancing the whole time tells us we made the right choice."

    - Mr. and Mrs. D. Watts

    "This part of the wedding couldn't have gone any smoother. From the first phone call, Justin was accommodating and willing to work with us toward making the event the way we'd hoped. Great job start to finish!"

    - Mr. and Mrs. A. Smith

    "I first heard Music on the Move at a good friend's wedding. After meeting with Justin, my husband and I were sold. Justin was very professional and answered all our questions. Justin was just as helpful during our planning. He offered great suggestions and sent me lists of music when I requested help. He also helped us find a song title and artist. The wedding day was a blast and I felt very confident that everything would run smoothly thanks to the final meeting and follow-up e-mail Justin sent us. On a side note, Justin was also hired to play at our Jack & Jill. People didn't even know it was the same DJ due to the variety of music played at both events. Thank you so much for great music, easy planning, and a full dance floor!"

    - Mr. and Mrs. C. Marvin

    "Music was great! Everyone was out there dancing and Justin did not play anything we did not want to hear. Thank you so much for doing such a great job at our wedding! Even our Wedding Planner commented on how great you were! Everyone had a blast and the night was absolutely perfect! Thanks again!"

    - Mr. and Mrs. J. Reiley

    "Overall, we were happy with your service and know we made the right choice. From entertaining our guests during the cocktail hour to our last dance, we have nothing but good things to say. You were very professional and accommodating to our guests. We know our family and friends are hard to please, yet somehow you managed to do it. Congrats to you and Thank You!"

    -Mr. and Mrs. C. Dettmer

    "Justin stuck with the planned schedule and worked around last minute changes with ease. We asked for a very non-traditional music program and it was exactly what we got. The acoustics and levels were perfect for both the outdoor ceremony area and the outdoor tent for the reception. Our friends and family were very impressed with Justin's service and professionalism. We couldn't have chosen a more appropriate DJ to pull off the wedding and reception of our dreams. Justin was on time, played all the songs we requested, set the right atmosphere for the dinner and cocktail hours, and got everyone out on the dancefloor at least once. His handling of the trivia questions was excellent! Overall Great Job!"

    - Mr. and Mrs. S. Lothrop

    "We just got back from our honeymoon and one of the first things I wanted to do was to thank you for such an unbelievable job you and your co-worker did. Everyone kept asking me who you were and commenting on how good you were. You truly made the reception everything Bob and I ever wanted and more!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!! I hope you had some fun, too, and thank you again for a job well done!!!"

    - Mr. and Mrs. R. Bouchard

    "You did a fantastic job, everything was top notch. The whole night was perfect. We got to hear all the songs we wanted and you did a great job MCing the whole show. Thank you so much, we will surely recommend you to all of our friends, and there are already at least 3 or 4 couples engaged or shortly to be engaged who wanna have their weddings in the hopefully we'll get to party again sometime soon...Thanks again!"

    - Mr. and Mrs. M. Andrews

    "I just wanted to thank you for doing such a wonderful job at our wedding. Everyone really had a fabulous time and I think in large part, that was due to the music. I appreciate how professional you were throughout all of our dealings. It truly was a pleasure to work with you, and I would highly recommend you to others. Thank you again for all of your assistance and hard work!"

    - Mr. and Mrs. M. Hartley

    "We thought you guys were great! Throughout the planning stages and the event itself, we were very pleased with your professionalism and organization. Thank you for accommodating our announcements, even the last-minute ones. Thank you also for incorporating so many personal requests."

    - Mr. and Mrs. K. Rideout

    "We were very happy with your services! Thanks for supplying the props - hats, etc - they were so much fun!"

    - Mr. and Mrs. E. Goulart

    "The timeline of events provided by Justin was excellent! It was one less thing I needed to worry about! The music selection was great - guests from ages 4 to 64 were up dancing! Both Justin and John were professional, courteous and accommodating. Well worth the cost, which was extremely reasonable!! Justin - Thank You for making our wedding reception so worry-free. From the schedule of events to your musical selections, we could not have asked for better entertainment!"

    - Mr. and Mrs. J. Blake

    "We just want to Thank You for everything! You were one of the few vendors we have no complaints about! My guests keep telling me what a good time they had! You kept your cool even when we were an hour late from the pictures! (sorry about that!) You really made our evening a success!"

    - Mr. and Mrs. M. Abruzzese

    "The search for a DJ may seem overwhelming but my search started and ended with Music on the Move. All I wanted was a professional appearance and an exceptional sound, with an added touch of experience. That wasn't too much to ask, was it? Well not from Justin with Music on the Move! Let's face it - I did not know what I was doing while planning my wedding! I have never done such a thing before! Luckily Music on the Move knew exactly what they were doing. Thank you, Justin, for all your attention to detail, your expert advice and the quick responses to my eMail questions! I would recommend you to my best friend......I already have!! As my last dance from artist Sara Evans bellows..."I Could Not Ask For More"....."

    - Mr. and Mrs. W. Palmer

    "We were so happy with your music and MC'ing at our wedding reception. But when we watched our video we realized just how Awesome you were! Extremely professional yet totally fun. We will recommend you to all our friends!"

    - Mr. and Mrs. P. Drane

    "We had a few questions and concerns about what we wanted to do and Justin was always there with great suggestions. The Music was the perfect mix for our crowd! We received several compliments about the great DJ's! The Music definitely made the reception - and when I told others what we paid, they were very impressed. Justin helped with a ton of questions we had. He also did the music for the ceremony - At first I was nervous because I wasn't sure how that would work but everything was perfect! Many of our guests have told us it was the most fun wedding they've ever been to and a lot of the credit goes to Justin and John!"

    - Mr. and Mrs. M. McGrath

    "We were able to enjoy ourselves and our guests because right from the beginning of the reception we felt secure knowing Justin and John would send us in the right direction at the right time according to our prearranged Itinerary. Everything was professional and on schedule - comments from all age groups were very good."

    - Mr. and Mrs. J. Ryan

    "This Letter is to personally thank you for the outstanding DJ service at our Holiday Party. We were extremely impressed with your courteous, professional manner with which you handled the entire evening. The party was a enormous success due to, in part, the excellent service and wonderful, fun atmosphere you created."

    - President & CEO, local technology company

    "Everything was very professionally done, we were very happy with the outcome. Music was played nicely, nothing was rushed, everything was perfect. We couldn't ask for better. Thank you so much for making our day as perfect as it was."

    - Mr. and Mrs. J. Timoney

    "Terrific audience participation - Fun games to get everyone dancing."

    - Area Printing Company, Holiday Party

    "Randy and I were so impressed as to the amount of time you spent planning with us before the wedding. The meetings and planner were a big help. You really paid attention to our musical tastes while making it diverse enough for the age range. We have had lots of friends who have spent hundreds of dollars more on their DJ (who didn't deserve the extra money!). They were shocked and jealous to learn that we had two extremely talented and professional individuals for such a reasonable price. You guys did such an amazing job! The evening ran perfectly due to your incredible organization and attention to our wants and needs. Thanks again!"

    - Mr. and Mrs. R. Smith

    "Flexible with style of music - Open to volume adjustment (older people) - Accomodated beyond time frame (added time for us) - pleasant and likeable by family - Keep up the good work!!"

    - P. Grater, High School Graduation Party

    "Hi Justin - Just wanted to send a quick thank you for such a great night on Saturday. All our guests had an awesome time, some people said they never danced so much before. Everything went so smoothly! We loved the Bridal Love Dance too, what a great idea that was! If you need us to be a reference, we would be more than happy. It was a pleasure to work with you."

    - Mr. and Mrs. B. Agoes

    "Very pleased with your service!!"

    - L. and B. MacGlashin, Anniversary Party

    "I can't say enough great things about our DJ. We used Justin Cheverie from Music on the Move. Justin was great to work with before the wedding and the day of. He had some really creative ideas for the centerpiece giveaway and other crowd activities. He kept everyone up and dancing the whole night, we're talking from younger nephews to my grandparents. Everyone had a great time. His music selection was great! He was so professional and kept the night moving nicely. I highly recommend him!!!"

    - A. Bradley

    "Very good stage presence and variety of music."

    - Local Aerospace Company, Christmas Party

    "You guys sounded awesome and were a lot of fun to work with - You had us dancing and entertained all night long!! You were very professional and really made our wedding unforgettable! You played all good songs. Thank You very much - If we ever renew our vows, we'll give you a call!"

    - Mr. and Mrs. M. Barnatt

    "Thanks for everything...everyone had a really good time and I would be happy to give you a reference."

    - D. Invernizzi, Surprise Birthday Party

    "Music sounded great - not too loud. Announcements were on time and the evening flowed smoothly due to great planning and communication with us via email. We shopped around and met with several DJ's. Music on the Move's price was a little less expensive and the services and professionalism were fantastic overall. We were overall very pleased with Music on the Move. You had a wide range of services from lighting to props to just good music. We would highly recommend you to anyone as your professionalism, services, knowledge and sound quality were excellent. You helped so much with your itineraries and planning packet. Thanks for your help and services - Everyone had a lot of fun!"

    - Mr. and Mrs. J Nealey

    "You played a good assortment of music for young and old. Very Well Done."

    - Local Law Office, Christmas Party

    "Dear Justin, Thank you so much for being the best DJ we could have ever hoped for. You created a reception that very accurately reflected us - and as I'm sure you noticed, your talents produced a damn good party! Thank you for catering to our perhaps excessive requests and for making our wedding reception the best day of our lives!"

    - Mr. and Mrs. G. Leto

    "Jennifer and Darrin were very pleased with your services as were Bill and I. It was extremely comforting to have someone take charge and keep the evening rolling, and also be receptive to our wishes. We felt it was an absolutely wonderful evening and appreciate your contribution to making it so. Thank you again."

    - Mr. and Mrs. B. Toelke

    "It's nice having two people playing the music because one person can answer questions while the other is continuing with the show. Good job on the Fun and Games department."

    - Mr. and Mrs. R Mullins

    "You guys did a great job! The night was perfect. The music was exactly what we wanted, and everything was timed perfectly. Thank you! We couldn't have asked for more."

    - Mr. and Mrs. K. Doherty

    "Thanks Justin and John - You guys helped us out a lot with the set up outside for the ceremony as well as getting everyone involved in dancing and making our night special."

    - Mr. and Mrs. T. Collier

    "We really thought you both were great - You did a great job keeping the party going when the weather got dicey! You both went up and beyond the call. Thanks!"

    - Mr. and Mrs. S. Shaffer

    "Our Wedding Reception was unbelievably fun for us and everyone. Everything was well-planned and under control. We were so relieved because we weren't as well planned and under control being the bride and groom. (Ha Ha!)"

    - Mr. and Mrs. K. Hayes

    "From the first time I contacted Music on the Move through the actual event, I was treated very professionally and felt "my day" was important to them. The music was great and they could not have been nicer or any better. I will be glad to recommend these DJ's to anyone I come across that needs this service because they were exceptional!"

    - Mr. and Mrs. J. Shellenberger

    "We were very impressed with your Professionalism and your incredible organizational skills. You were a pleasure to work with! We especially liked that you took the time to meet with us, make great suggestions, and not hesitate if you thought something might not work or go over well with the guests. You also were clear that you were willing to try new things and not stick to a usual routine. We could tell that you could feel out the group on the type of music that would be enjoyed and everyone loved the anniversary dance as a way of giving the bouquet away. You were quick on your feet when there was a tie, too! We had an absolutely wonderful experience with Music on the Move!! I would definitely recommend you to friends and relatives because you were terrific!"

    - Mr. and Mrs. P. Dougherty

    "You were priced higher than other DJ services we looked into, but you get what you pay for. We were very happy with the value. Your input and ideas before the day were very helpful. You helped us out with song suggestions and the trivia idea which was a big hit! You were really the only vendor we felt 100% comfortable with during a stressful time. Thank you for your input and for making our day a fun one!"

    - Mr. and Mrs. M. Hall

    "I just wanted to thank you and your partner for doing an EXCELLENT job at our wedding. You were wonderful...I didn't have to think of anything that day, and everything went so smoothly! I have heard nothing but rave reviews from my guests and I truly believe that the DJ and the music help make a wedding a success. I will definitely recommend you to anyone and I will definitely be in touch for my future DJ needs. Thank you again for all of your good suggestions/advice/patience with me. It was perfect."

    - Mr. and Mrs. S. Powers (from email sent after honeymoon)

    "Justin was extremely helpful to us in making our wedding perfect. He gave us many suggestions for non-traditional ways of doing things and gave us great ideas on how to get the crowd going. I never had to think about anything - he was in complete control and did a super professional job. He was always patient with me, being an undecided bride, and he always made the extra effort to get back to me with any info as soon as he could. I am an extremely picky person and I was very pleased with Music on the Move!!"

    - Mr. and Mrs. S. Powers (taken from survey)

    "You provided exactly what we wanted at our wedding reception: the best music, the right words, the festive atmosphere. Thank you for adding so much to our memorable event."

    - Mr. and Mrs. M. Hess

    "A very professional job that our guests enjoyed very much. The DJ's were very accommodating and helpful."

    - N. and M. Weisleder

    "We found that Music on the Move kept the reception lively throughout. The selections you chose were perfect for every age group. We were happy with everything. Keep up the great work! Thanks for making my day special. It was money well spent."

    - G. and T. Miller

    "What a Show!! You were fabulous. We loved the Bridal Love Dance. Thanks Again!"

    - D. and S. Vaughn

    "I think Music on the Move did a great job. I especially liked how you guys got 90% of my guests on the dance floor and all the announcing was done great! I just wish there had been more time! Keep up the great job!"

    - C. and L. Houseweart

    "We wanted to take the time to thank you for doing such a great job at our wedding. We received many compliments about the music, and the giving away of the centerpieces was a hit, too! Very professional, neat in appearance, excellent MC, easy to work with. Thanks for making the wedding fun!"

    - B. and R. Matthews

    "My husband and I enjoyed ourselves very much at our wedding. You did a very good job getting the crowd involved, also."

    - L. and P. Haney

    "Excellent Job! We especially appreciate that you played the music we wanted played and didn't play the music we did not want played."

    - D. and L. Hoenig

    "Justin and his assistant were exceptional DJ's at my wedding. They were very professional and very fun without being obtrusive and taking over the whole show. I highly recommend Music on the Move for weddings and all other special functions."

    - L. and T. DiFonzo

    "Very professional. Able to play the varied types of music we required."

    - J. and R. Plouff

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